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Growth comes with responsibility and the ability to sustain over a longer period of time. When you are growing from 1 store to 5 to 50 and many more multi-outlets, then your scale will have to be managed efficiently. It becomes important for you to consistently deliver on customer promise by maintaining the quality of your services and products. RisePOS Enterprise helps you in managing your complex business processes so that you stay focused on your customers. We do not overwhelm you with the technology and allow you to pick and choose what is necessary for your business. With RisePOS multi-outlet solution you achieve:

  • Management your cost of production
  • Generate daily production report in minutes
  • Issue dispatch notes
  • Know PO versus dispatch
  • Control your raw materials

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Centralized and
store-level Back Office access
  • Production Management
  • Returns & Transfers
  • Reports
  • Sales Reps Android app for B2B ordering
  • Issuing purchase orders from store to production
  • Stock control
  • User access control
  • Tax configuration
Front store
  • Invoice confidently with GST
  • Powered with digital payments
  • E-receipts
  • Cash and expense management at store
  • Employee account checkout to manage internal sale
  • Managed right from the Back Office web interface
  • Clean and responsive user interface
  • Digital marketing support
  • Ready to integrate with your e-commerce portal
Customer relationship management
  • Run centralized or outlet-wise marketing campaign
  • Customized reward points and groups for each outlet
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Gift cards
  • Create bouquet of offers such as Cashback, Buy one Get One, Offers on product or category, Happy hours
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