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How do I partially dispatch the PO order?

This flow works only for closed loop shops.

Place PO from retailer to production shop from BO or from App side.

Open Back office -> open stock management -> click on summary 

Select  production shop in shop selection , select date range and submit it.

It will show the PO placed from the retailer side , Accept that order.

After accepting the order you can partially dispatch means if there are more than 1 item present in PO , you can dispatch only selected items or you can increase or decrease the item quantity and dispatch it.

Example :If ordered 10 veg puff , accept it , but when dispatching order only 5 quantities will be dispatched only.

After dispatch , select retailer shop in shop selection and in supplier select production shop and submit it.

It gives PO order with a receive option.Receive that PO , after received PO it gives partially dispatch status of PO.

Now until  and unless you didn’t dispatch all items from supplier to receiver it shows partial dispatch status.

After dispatch remaining PO item , and receiving it from the retailer it shows dispatch status completed .

After completing dispatch , you can check the invoice.

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