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Can I assign incentives to cashiers who are using POS or Billing applications?

Please follow the steps for assign incentives to cashiers

Login to Back Office > from the left menu go to ‘Settings’ > click on ‘Incentives Settings’ in the submenu of ‘Settings’ > select shop from ‘Select Store’ option > click on ‘Add new incentive’ button under ‘Incentives’,

New window will appear, enter ‘Incentive Name’ ,’Type’ , ’Eligible Users’ , ‘Amount’ , ‘Minimum order value’ (for ORDER_VALUE type) or enter ‘Incentive Name’ , ‘Type’ , ‘Eligible Users’ ,’Amount’ ,’ Category’, ‘Item’ (for ITEM_COUNT Type) > click on ‘Is Active’ > click on ‘Add Incentive’.
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