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How can I run multi combo for my bakery or restaurant?

A multi combo offer is a promotional deal where customers can purchase multiple items at a discounted price. For example, a fast food restaurant may offer a combo meal that includes a burger, fries, and a drink for a lower price than if the items were purchased separately.

Multi combo deals have the benefit of helping businesses grow their sales. Businesses might encourage customers to make larger purchases by giving them more items than they had initially wished for. Additionally, this can aid in the promotion of new goods or the sale of excess inventories.

Increased consumer loyalty is a further benefit of multi combo deals. Businesses can reward their devoted customers and entice them to keep doing business with them by providing a free or discounted item. Furthermore, multi combo promotions may draw in new clients who are more likely to stick around in the long run.

Multi combo promotions can aid companies in boosting their brand recognition. 


Rise POS offers Multiple item types- 

1 Regular item

2 Variant item

3 Combo item

4 Multi combo item


In multi combo you can club any items from your item list and present it as a bouquet and give options to the customers to choose the items of their wish. 

Rise POS helps not only the customer but also the cashier by giving intelligent suggestions to the cashier to upsell the product For Example- In a Pizza combo- the Rise POS system will provide the cashier with an idea to ask the customer if she would also like to have items that go hand in hand with the pizza such as Fries, Cold drinks,s and dessert at an attractive price compared to when bought individually.

A Rise POS system can be set up to offer multi combo deals by creating a special product or bundle that includes multiple items at a discounted price. The POS system can then be programmed to recognize when that product or bundle is being purchased and apply the discount automatically. This can be done by creating a specific button for the combo on the Rise POS system. The POS system should also be able to track inventory and update accordingly for each item in the combo.


Rise POS system also provides features to set BOGO offers. Check the steps for it at


Multi-combo offers help businesses sell their multiple products in a simple way. This would minimize the efforts to search for different items & add them to the cart separately also this saves time. RisePOS offers easy Multi combo order creation.

RisePOS easily create multi combo group from the Back office
Please follow the below steps from Rise Back Office

1 ) log in to Back Office > from the left menu go to ‘Product’ > select ‘Add Product’ tab >select shop in the drop-down option of ‘Select Store’ > Fill all fields > Click on more option 

switch on for  multi group combo product  > click on Add Main Group Product > Choose Main Product for Multi Group Combo >  Add category name in Combo Sub Groups >  Add categories name which you want and enter ( For ex. pizza—>enter—>cold drink —>Enter ) Select First Category > Select product from respective category with Minimum and maximum quantity for sale

multi combo

multi combo

 click on ‘Save Product’ button

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