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How can I run multi combo group ?

Multi BOGO offers helps businesses to sell their multiple products in simple way. This would minimise the efforts to search different items & add them to cart separately also this saves the time. RisePOS offers easy Multi BOGO order creation.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyMTZkFMhcU
RisePOS easily create multi combo group from Back office
Please follow the Below steps form Rise Back Office

1 )Login to Back Office > from left menu go to ‘Product’ > select ‘Add Product’ tab >select shop in the drop down option of ‘Select Store’ > Fill the all fields > Click on more option 

switch on for  multi group combo product  > click on Add Main Group Product > Choose Main Product for Multi Group Combo >  Add category name in Combo Sub Groups >  Add categories name which you want and enter ( For ex. pizza—>enter—>cold drink —>Enter ) Select First Category > Select product from respective category with Minimum and maximum quantity for sale

 click on ‘Save Product’ button

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