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How do I create a cashier and another owner user in Back Office?

  • Login to Back Office > go to ‘Settings’ > select ‘Users’ > click On ‘Add User’ at top right>. a ‘Create User’ form will be displayed.
  • Fill all the fields of this form. Make sure you select ‘Assign home outlet’ and ‘Access to outlets’ > select ‘User’ in the ‘Role’ tab for ‘Cashier’
  • After selecting the ‘User’ option, enter the desired pin to log into the POS in the field ‘Pin (Only Numeric)’. ‘Password’ option will be disabled
  • Make sure ‘Is Active’ option is enabled (i.e. ‘On’). As a last step, click on ‘Create user’. For adding ‘Owner’ as a user, follow the same steps as Cashier till ‘Access to outlets.
  • Now, select ‘Owner’ in the ‘Role’ tab for ‘another owner’.
  • After selecting the ‘Owner’, enter the desired pin in the field ‘Pin (Only Numeric)’ and the desired password in the field ‘Password’. Please note that both the fields ‘Pin (Only Numeric)’ and ‘Password’ are mandatory for ‘Owner’. 
  • Make sure ‘Is Active’ option is enabled (i.e. ‘On’). As a last step, click on ‘Create user’.
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