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How do I view the Special Order or Custom order Report for production or central kitchen?

First, accept orders to generate consolidated reports. After accepting the orders, login to Back Office and then click on ‘Reports’ from the left menu > click on ‘Inventory’ tab > select ‘SPECIAL ORDERS REPORT’ in ‘Report Type’ > select ‘Production’ or ‘Central Kitchen’ in ‘Select Store’ >  select ‘Delivery date wise’ or ‘Created date wise’ in ‘Search by’. The default date will be the current date or today’s date. You may change the date range manually in ‘From date’ and ‘To date’. After selecting the date, click on ‘Apply’.‘From time’ and ‘End time’ are optional.). Then click on ‘Submit’. The special orders for the selected dates will now be displayed. To see the Special Orders Report in an Excel file, click on ‘Export to file’ at top right.


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