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How to add a WI-Fi printer?

Please follow the steps for add WI-Fi printer

Connect LAN to a printer.  (Get IP Address).

Note: The machine & printer both should be connected to the same network.

Open App > go to ‘Settings’ from the menu symbol  

Click on printer setting > click on “MULTI-PRINTER SETTING”.

Click on “ADD PRINTER” > the pop-up will show on the screen.

  • Add below details

           Printer name: As per requirement (KOT/Receipt)

           If the department is present, select the department.

           Quantity :1

           Paper size :3 inches/2 inches.

           Select the Epson WI-Fi printer (add a WI-Fi printer)  from the list of select printers from the setting.

           After selection of printer, it will ask for IP Address > enter IP address like

           If adding a printer for a receipt then select template receipt.

           Click on select template > select Template name from the list.

           tick all the checkboxes use the same for.

Click on save. A receipt printer will be created here. Turn on the receipt switch.
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