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How to create Regular discounts for items?

Please follow the steps for Regular discounts

  • Login to back-office > from the left menu go to ‘MARKETING’ > select ‘Discount & Offers’ tab > click on ‘New Campaign’ button > add below mandatory details 

Campaign Name

Select Shop

Select Order Type

Select Start Date & Time and End Date & Time

Select Discount Type (Regular discount) for Giving Discount for Item

Enter a Discount value in Percentage

Minimum Order Value

Select Category of Item

Select Item on which you want to give a discount

Enter Minimum Item Purchase

Tick on Apply per Item and Auto Apply

Click on Save Campaign

Note: If clicked on ‘Auto Apply’, a discount is applied immediately after adding an item in the cart, and if clicked on ‘Exclusive Discount’ follow the below process on ‘Android POS’ to apply a discount on the item.

Add Item in cart > click on ‘Pay’ option

Select ‘Discount’ option > drop-down option will come on screen > select discount which you want to give on a particular item.

Click on payment type (eg. cash) > enter the bill amount and click on the ‘Enter’ option and print the bill.

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