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How to make split payment in Web POS?

  • Split payment navigation is a bit different from Quick checkout options such as Quick Cash and Quick Card.
  • Please add items in the cart > click on the Payment button
  • You can now split the total payment into multiple payment types e.g. some payment in Cash and remaining in Card. To accept payment in Cash please click on Cash, when you see Cash in blue. The payment type that is highlighted in blue indicates the method of payment that you are accepting.
  • Click on Cash and enter the amount > click on Done button
  • Now let us do the remaining payment in card
  • Click on Card and enter the amount >  click on Done button
  • If the entire has been accepted then you will see Print and Bill and Bill button in green color.
  • Click on Print and Bill option if you want to print the bill/receipt
  • Click on Bill option if you want to complete the checkout without printing the bill/receipt
    Please refer to the following video to learn more about Rise WebPOS Billing and KOT. The video covers the following points:
    How to open the table?
    1. How to print KOT or send an order to the kitchen?
    2. How to add another KOT the same table?
    3. How to check out with the Quick Cash option?
    4. How to do Check print?
    5. How to check out from the Payment option for split payment types?
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