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How can I update Unit price and Taxes for items in bulk from the Back Office?

Login to Back Office > go to ‘Products’ from left menu > select tab ‘Bulk Upload’ > select store in the dropdown option of ‘Shop’ for which prices and taxes need to change > select ‘Update’ option and download file in CSV format from ‘Download Item Taxes’ option > open file downloaded and change prices in ‘Unit_price’ column > add tax rate, tax code, tax class and main tax name in columns ‘tax_rate’, ‘tax_code’, ‘tax_class’ and ‘main_tax_name’ simultaneously and save > go to back office again to upload file > in ‘Bulk Upload’ tab select shop in dropdown option of ‘Shop’ > select upload type as ‘UPDATE_ITEM_TAX_AND_PRICE’ in dropdown option of ‘Upload Type’ > upload file at the box and click on ‘Save Product List’ option unit prices and taxes will be updated for items


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