How do I create recipes from back office ?

Please follow the steps for create recipes from back office

  • Login to Back Office > go to ‘Recipe’ from the left menu > select ‘Recipe+’ from the top menu > select shop from ‘Select store’ > select the category from the option ‘Category’ > select item from ‘Item / Dish’ (‘Menu Price’ will be auto-populated and ‘Number of serves’ can be selected manually, the default option is 1). > in the lower part of the screen, i.e. in ‘Ingredient information’, select the desired ingredients (one at a time) in the option ‘Select Ingredients’ and click on ‘Add’ after selecting each ingredient (a list will be displayed at the bottom of the page with different options for selection). In this list, select the desired quantity in the option ‘Quantity’. Other options cannot be edited/selected. At the end, click on ‘Save Recipe

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