How can I add a new printer in WebPOS?

In RisePOS we can easily add a printer to your system

Please follow the steps for the new printer new printer in WebPOS

Login to WebPOS > Go to ‘Settings’ from left menu > click on ‘Add Printer’ > enter ‘Printer Name’ > select ‘Paper Size’ as per printer size and Quantity > enter ‘Footer note’ and ‘Receipt Header’ if required > click on ‘Save’ printer will be added and enable switch for ‘Receipt’ for Receipt Printer and ‘KOT’ for KOT printer. If there is a Self-service mode, enable the switch for ‘Self Service’.


1. For network Epson printer supporting javascript e.g. Epson TM30 and other intelligent series printers, please enter the IP address assigned to the printer.

2. While connecting the USB printer, please make sure all the drivers all installed and the IP address text field is kept empty.

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