Choosing a Bakery Franchise: Expert Tips for Success

Investing in a bakery franchise can be a lucrative business opportunity, but choosing the right franchise is crucial to the success of your investment. With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide which bakery franchise to invest in. In this blog, we will discuss ten key factors to consider when choosing a bakery franchise to invest in.

      1. Reputation and History

The reputation and history of a bakery franchise are critical when deciding where to invest. Research the franchise’s history and read reviews from past and current franchisees. Check if the franchise has any legal or financial issues that could affect your investment.
Industry awards and accolades are an excellent indicator of a franchise’s reputation. Look for a franchise that has received recognition for its quality products, customer service, and business practices. This can include awards from industry associations, consumer publications, and other organizations.

      2. Brand Recognition

A bakery franchise with a recognizable brand can be advantageous in attracting customers to your business. Customers are more likely to trust a well-known brand, and it can be easier to build a customer base.

      3. Support and Training

Franchisee satisfaction is another critical factor in a franchise’s reputation. Look for a franchise with a history of supporting and providing resources to its franchisees. This can include training and support programs, marketing and advertising assistance, and ongoing operational support. Investing in a franchise means that you will be following a set system and operating procedures. Therefore, it is essential to choose a franchise that offers comprehensive support and training programs to ensure that you understand their system and can operate the bakery successfully.

      4. Start-Up Costs

Investing in a bakery franchise can require a significant financial investment. Ensure that you fully understand the start-up costs, including the franchise fee, equipment, inventory, and real estate costs, to avoid surprises.
Equipment costs are one of your most significant expenses when starting a bakery business. This can include ovens, mixers, refrigerators, freezers, display cases, and other equipment needed to produce and sell your bakery products.
Inventory costs will include the ingredients and supplies needed to produce your bakery products. This can include flour, sugar, yeast, eggs, butter, and other ingredients, as well as packaging, labels, and other supplies.
You will need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate a bakery business. This can include business licenses, health department permits, zoning permits, and other licenses and permits required by your local government.
Start-up costs for a bakery business can vary depending on several factors, including the size and location of your business, equipment needs, and inventory costs. It is essential to develop a detailed financial plan and budget to ensure that you have the necessary funds to cover these costs and start your bakery business successfully.

      5. Royalty Fees and Ongoing Costs

Most franchises require franchisees to pay royalty fees and ongoing costs for support and maintenance of the franchise system. Ensure that you understand the royalty fees and ongoing costs and how they will impact your profitability.
Royalty fees are a percentage of your sales that you pay to the franchisor for using their brand name, products, and services. The percentage of royalties varies depending on the franchisor and can range from 4% to 10% of your gross sales. Some franchisors may also require additional advertising fees or marketing contributions.

      6. Location

The location of your bakery franchise is critical to its success. Ensure that you choose a location that has high foot traffic, is easily accessible, and has ample parking.
Consider the competition in the area when choosing a location for your bakery. Are there other bakeries or businesses that offer similar products in the area? If so, consider choosing a location that is less saturated with the competition or differentiates itself from existing businesses.

      7. Market Research

Conduct market research to determine the demand for baked goods in the area you plan to invest in. Analyze the competition and determine what sets your bakery franchise apart from the others in the area.
Look at current market trends and projections for the bakery industry. Is the industry growing or declining? Are there any emerging trends that the franchise can take advantage of? A franchise with a product or service that is in high demand or has the potential to grow can be an indicator of future success.

      8. Growth Potential

Choose a bakery franchise that has growth potential. Consider the franchise’s expansion plans and whether they align with your investment goals. Evaluate the franchise’s growth potential by looking at its expansion plans and strategies. Does the franchise have a solid plan for opening new locations, expanding its product offerings, or entering new markets? Look for a franchise that has a growth plan that aligns with your personal goals and interests.

      9. Support for Local Marketing

Marketing is essential to the success of your bakery franchise. Choose a franchise that provides support for local marketing and advertising initiatives.
A franchisor should provide brand guidelines and marketing materials that align with its brand’s image and message. This includes logos, signage, promotional materials, and social media templates. By providing consistent marketing materials, the franchisor ensures that each franchise location maintains the brand’s image and identity.
In today’s digital age, online marketing is critical for any business’s success. A franchisor should provide digital marketing support, such as social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). This support should include guidance on how to leverage digital marketing to drive traffic to your bakery franchise’s website and increase sales.

      10. Franchise Cost and Breakeven

The cost of a bakery franchise in India can vary depending on the franchise brand, location, and other factors. In general, the total investment required to start a bakery franchise in India can range from INR 10 lakhs to INR 50 lakhs or more. This includes the initial franchise fee, equipment, inventory, real estate costs, and other expenses.

In addition to the initial investment, there are ongoing costs associated with running a bakery franchise in India. These include royalties, marketing fees, and other fees charged by the franchisor. These ongoing costs can range from 5% to 10% of the franchisee’s gross sales.

To calculate the breakeven point for a bakery franchise in India, you will need to consider several factors, including the initial investment, ongoing costs, and expected revenue. The breakeven point is when your revenue equals your expenses, and you start making a profit.

Assuming a total investment of INR 30 lakhs for a bakery franchise in India and an ongoing cost of 8% of gross sales, you would need to generate a revenue of INR 3.75 lakhs per month to break even. This assumes that your monthly expenses, including rent, utilities, inventory, salaries, and other costs, are INR 2.75 lakhs.

However, the actual breakeven point for a bakery franchise in India can vary depending on several factors, including location, competition, pricing, and marketing strategies. It is essential to conduct a thorough analysis of the local market and competition to determine the breakeven point and develop a sound financial plan for your bakery franchise in India.

Here are some profitable bakery businesses that let out franchises

Monginis 10,00,000 (approx)
The Cake Story 8,00,000 (approx)
New Poona Bakery 9,00,000 (approx)
Bakers and More 8,50,000 (approx)
Atul Bakery 10,00,000 (approx)



Choosing the right bakery franchise to invest in requires careful consideration of various factors. Ensure that you conduct extensive research, understand the costs involved, and choose a franchise with a strong reputation, recognizable brand, and comprehensive support and training programs. With the right franchise and your hard work, passion, and dedication, you can build a successful bakery business

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Bakery Billing Software: Android vs Windows

Billing software is considered to be an essential factor in the sustainability and growth of any kind of business as they help you measure business growth. Restaurant, Bakery, and other retail billing software help in the decision-making of whether to upgrade strategies in the business plan or to cut some. 

Many businesses depend upon billing software to automate the invoicing processes to reduce the chances of human error. While there are several operating systems on which billing software is used, in this blog post we are going to explore the popular ones which are Windows Billing Software and Android Billing Software. Windows billing software is developed and maintained by Microsoft whereas Android is developed and maintained by Google and its partners. Following are the dashboards of the 2 billing software. 

Windows Billing Software

Windows Billing Software

Android Billing Software

Android Billing Software

Windows Billing Software

Android Billing Software 

Windows Billing Software has rugged and powerful features such as Inventory tracking, purchase order management, and expense tracking.  Android Billing Software has robust features similar to Windows such as inventory tracking purchase order management and expense tracking
MS Office is easily available and accessible to the optimum potential. Has limited accessibility to MS Office. Though Google docs and Google sheets can be used on Android
The user needs to be technically sound and has to have amateur knowledge of computers as it includes software updates. The user does not need to be tech-savvy as Android is easy to use as it is used in day-to-day lives, on phones and tablets. 
Windows is a licensed source where updates are difficult to be maintained and are paid subscriptions. Android is an open source where updates are easy to be maintained from the google play store and all the updates are free of cost.
Better suited for setting up local servers for the purpose of the captain app, kitchen display system, etc Independent Terminals, and serverless applications. Which is used for QSRs and small businesses primarily for quick and easy customer billing
High-performance windows hardware is expensive High-performance android hardware is relatively cheaper


Operating Systems and User Interface

The most evident difference between Windows Billing Software and Android Billing Software is the platform on which they run. Windows billing software is programmed to run on Windows whereas Android billing software is programmed to run on Android operating systems. The inescapable difference is seen and noticed in the user interface; both are quite distinct from each other.

Windows billing software has a cliche desktop-style interface, including taskbars, menu options, and a screen that is compatible with a mouse and a keyboard. The design of the dashboard will depend upon the specific program.

The user interface for Android billing software on the other hand is optimized for use on tablets, mobile phones as well as desktops. The software is typically designed with larger buttons and more intuitive controls optimized for touchscreens.  


Features and Functionality

Similarities between Windows billing software and Android billing software are the range of features and functionality that each platform offers.

Windows billing software typically has a broader feature set and more robust functionality. These programs are often designed for use in larger businesses with more complex invoicing needs. Windows billing software can include features such as inventory tracking, purchase order management, and expense tracking. These programs may also integrate with other software applications, such as accounting software or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Android Billing Software also provides features like Inventory tracking, expense reports, and purchase order management. It can also integrate with other software and applications.



A new to the industry business should go with the Android Billing Software considering the fact that it may not need heavy functionality or Local Server Setup. A small bakery or a QSR will need independent terminals in order to cut costs and function effectively. Whereas if you are a brand or a fine dining restaurant, you may need Windows Billing Software as you may want a Local Server Setup to place multiple orders at the same time. 


Alternatively, it would also be a good idea to use Android POS hardware for quick and easy billing but the more detailed tasks such as data analysis, raw material, recipe, item creations, etc can be done on a back office windows computer. A combination of Android and Windows systems would be great not just for small businesses but for enterprises as well.

However Rise POS offers both Windows and Android Billing Software. 


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Sell salad and meals subscription online

Selling salad and meals subscription is more involved than selling regular products. The manual process is tedious as it requires the merchant to keep track of who ordered when and when to deliver and how long. It is disappointing that some of your customers couldn’t be reached just because they didn’t know how to order from you. And they really wanted to do that at the moment. With Rise eCOM software, you can sell any product online with a subscription model and have your customers order from you 24 X 7.

With Rise eCOM software you can create products that can be sold for weekly orders, monthly orders, or customized days that your customer can select to receive orders. The payments will be accepted well in advance with an online payment gateway.


Once the order is placed Rise eCOM dashboard will display the order that you can accept or decline.  The declined order payment gets reversed to the customer account. Once the main subscription order is accepted, the suborders will be created on the respective delivery dates. Merchants can check Rise eCOM well in advance to prepare for the production and dispatch of the following orders. The customer also has the flexibility to change the suborder dates in case she wants to skip it for a day.

Your own online store can be set up in less than 24 hours. Rise eCOM takes care of your sales and ordering process so that you can focus on the core business operations. Please Whatsapp us or call us at 9172299477 for an online demo.

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Better customer attention and more online orders

Retaining customers or even having them spend more time on the e-commerce portal has been tricky. Rise eCOM has made some interesting improvements in this direction. which will help in better customer attention and more online orders

Now you can have a banner image straight from your eCOM settings and that too gif image to capture the attention and convey a crisp message in a shorter space.

You can now have a product image as a gif. Imagine steaming rice with steam on your digital menu. 

And, a creamy butter chicken

Specific products can be marked as ECOM special and those will be appearing on Rise eCOM differently. Here you can notice the difference between Cream of mushroom soup and the other two soups

There is more to it, your Rise eCOM is now even more configurable for deliveries with three different options.

1) You can choose a km radius around your location 

2) Upload the areas where you would be doing the deliveries
3) Upload the pin codes of deliveries and you can even specify different delivery charges for different pin codes, flat or % of the order value


What are you waiting for get your Rise eCOM today! Call +91 91722 99477

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