Manage Custom Cake Design for Bakeries and Patisseries

Custom cake design

“With great power comes great responsibility” -Uncle Ben

Custom cake design: No matter how skillful your chef may be at making tiers and tiers of flavourful delicious cakes if you cannot manage deliveries and orders under a time constraint, the chef’s maneuver is wasted and gets underappreciated. Why waste time and budget on redundant work when you can just rent Rise POS software that does it all in less than half of the budget that’s being wasted on incompetence? 

Management of different pastries and bread can be a task alone, comes in the custom design cake; it gets more complicated.

Worry not because this blog will solve your management problems as it focuses on the management of custom cakes. Following are some differentiators you may want to go through to make sure customization of cake management is easier:-

Manual Rise POS
Instructions may get tampered with Instructions are recorded by the customer directly in the RisePOS
Pricing gets confusing as the size or  weight could vary Payment calculation is calculated as per the size or weight directly by the software
Photo cakes- the vendor may send the incorrect photos to the chef The image is immediately sent to the kitchen at the time of punching the order
Handling several special orders may increase the risk of mixing up the designs Prompt and seamless communication with the kitchen
Managing outstanding advances is painful Smooth and stressfree handling of finances

– Instructions may get tampered with by the vendors or may get jotted down wrongly by the manual procedure. In contrast, Rise POS records the instructions given by the customer to the vendor which is then forwarded to the chef with the help of the software. The system calculates custom special order pricing by itself 

– Manual pricing can be a task when the cake is ordered in kilogram decimals, but Rise POS defeats this factor by calculating it on the system itself.  

The software shows professionalism as it sends the customer a reminder message about the delivery/ pickup details.
Not just that, the vendor will also be able to see how many orders of that particular day and the next day is pending so that the day is well planned.

For an error-free performance in the industry, you can blindly trust Rise POS as it is cloud-based software. Nowadays people may go wrong but not technology.

Rise POS is the software that will help you excel in the industry and help you make audacious targets in the future.

Custom Design Cake Order taking and Billing with Rise WebPOS – Video link to how custom cakes are managed by RisePOS software.




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Sell salad and meals subscription online

Selling salad and meals subscription is more involved than selling regular products. The manual process is tedious as it requires the merchant to keep track of who ordered when and when to deliver and how long. It is disappointing that some of your customers couldn’t be reached just because they didn’t know how to order from you. And they really wanted to do that at the moment. With Rise eCOM software, you can sell any product online with a subscription model and have your customers order from you 24 X 7.

With Rise eCOM software you can create products that can be sold for weekly orders, monthly orders, or customized days that your customer can select to receive orders. The payments will be accepted well in advance with an online payment gateway.


Once the order is placed Rise eCOM dashboard will display the order that you can accept or decline.  The declined order payment gets reversed to the customer account. Once the main subscription order is accepted, the suborders will be created on the respective delivery dates. Merchants can check Rise eCOM well in advance to prepare for the production and dispatch of the following orders. The customer also has the flexibility to change the suborder dates in case she wants to skip it for a day.

Your own online store can be set up in less than 24 hours. Rise eCOM takes care of your sales and ordering process so that you can focus on the core business operations. Please Whatsapp us or call us at 9172299477 for an online demo.

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Better customer attention and more online orders

Retaining customers or even having them spend more time on the e-commerce portal has been tricky. Rise eCOM has made some interesting improvements in this direction. which will help in better customer attention and more online orders

Now you can have a banner image straight from your eCOM settings and that too gif image to capture the attention and convey a crisp message in a shorter space.

You can now have a product image as a gif. Imagine steaming rice with steam on your digital menu. 

And, a creamy butter chicken

Specific products can be marked as ECOM special and those will be appearing on Rise eCOM differently. Here you can notice the difference between Cream of mushroom soup and the other two soups

There is more to it, your Rise eCOM is now even more configurable for deliveries with three different options.

1) You can choose a km radius around your location 

2) Upload the areas where you would be doing the deliveries
3) Upload the pin codes of deliveries and you can even specify different delivery charges for different pin codes, flat or % of the order value


What are you waiting for get your Rise eCOM today! Call +91 91722 99477

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